Academic Disqualification, Readmission, and Exclusion

Students who are on academic probation and fail to earn a semester GPA of 2.00 or better are at risk of Academic Disqualification and/or Exclusion from the university.

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New Policy Updates Will Impact Students

Effective Fall 2023, the university will implement a modified course withdrawal policy for all new freshmen, transfer students, and returning students through readmission after discontinuation or disqualification.

Withdrawing from a course is one way to protect your GPA. However, this new policy restricts students to a maximum of six course withdrawals from UCF. Three at the XXX 1000-2999 level and three at the XXX 3000-4999 level.

Review this new policy and two more here.

Academic Disqualification “DQ”

A student on Academic Probation is Disqualified upon failure to achieve a minimum 2.0 GPA during the subsequent term. A student who is Disqualified may not enroll at the University for two semesters following disqualification. Readmission after two semesters is not automatic.

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Readmission After Disqualification

If a student is academically disqualified from UCF, their first step is to schedule an advising appointment with an academic advisor. During this appointment, we will determine if you can be readmitted to the university based on your Quality Point Deficit (QPD). Any Disqualified student whose UCF grade point deficiency is equal to or greater than 30-grade points is not eligible for readmission.

For readmission purposes only, “grade point deficiency” is defined as the number of UCF credit hours earned with a “B” (3.0 GPA) grade that a student requires to raise his or her UCF grade point average to 2.0. If a student is eligible for readmission, students will need to take at minimum six credit hours at a state or community college and pass with A or B grades. Submit an essay to our office explaining why you want to be readmitted as an Interdisciplinary Studies, Environmental Studies, or Integrative General Studies major. Our office expects your statement to meet certain acceptable standards including proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. This well-thought-out and presented statement will be the foundation of your application. For the essay, include the following information: 

• The reason for your previous academic difficulties
• What and how you have been doing academically since your disqualification
• Your specific plans for ensuring academic success in future semesters (in other words, don’t leave it at “I’m going to try harder this time.”)
• Explain your goals (professional, academic, otherwise) upon graduation
• Explain how this degree will help you reach these goals

Submit all unofficial academic records of credit taken at any other school since suspension. A review of your readmission support request will not occur until all of your documents have been received. Upon receipt, the Director will review your request and a recommendation will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office will then make a final decision on your readmission application, and will contact you with that decision. If readmitted, your enrollment will be limited. You will be restricted to two courses TOTAL (that includes courses taken both at UCF and transiently) in your first semester. There are no exceptions made to this policy. After your first semester, you will be restricted to two courses each semester until removed from probation (UCF GPA=2.0). During this time, your registration will be monitored by the Registrar’s Office. You will be required to meet with an advisor every semester that you remain on probation.


A student readmitted following Disqualification who fails to achieve a minimum 2.0 term GPA is excluded from the University. Exclusion is serious and students are not eligible for readmission after Exclusion. An individual who has been Excluded will not be considered for readmission, and may not appeal any failure to be readmitted following Exclusion.

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